This is an ideal methodology for clearer communication and to develop assertive strategies for each scenario, especially for the moment in which we are living. The concept of the Y-Sales Funnel is not new, although it is not as well known among professionals in our country.

Therefore, the objective of this article is to present what this concept is and how to apply this methodology in your company.

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The topics covered are:

  • What is the Y-Sales Funnel?
  • Brief summary of Inbound and Outbound practices.
  • How does the Y-Funnel work after all?
  • Understand why this methodology exists.

What is the Y-Sales Funnel?

In a nutshell, the Y-Sales Funnel represents the steps of your customer’s Purchase Journey, and at each stage it presents the maturity and qualification levels of each lead, as well as which activities will be performed by the team.

This methodology is ideal for leveraging lead generation, helping with brand positioning, improving financial results, among other positive points.

With the Y sales funnel it is possible to train your team, showing the details of each step of the sales process, as well as to have an easier management and optimization, enabling everything that is being done to be visible to managers.

It was so named because it has a shape similar to the letter Y, due to the segmentation at the top of the funnel between Inbound and Outbound.

Brief summary of Inbound and Outbound practices.

Before we learn more about the Y-Funnel, it is necessary to recall the practices of Inbound and Outbound.

  • Inbound

Inbound Marketing starts with the attraction of potential customers through content strategies, for this to be possible, it is necessary to understand who the consumer is. Next comes conversion, which has landings pages and forms as allies; its main goal is to get as much information about the customer as possible in exchange for relevant content.

Finally, we have the nurturing stage, which begins when the lead accepts the exchange relationship, but is not ready for an actual purchase. After the capture, it is necessary to nurture him to stimulate his interest in the brand presented, qualifying him about the niche, market, and advantages.

Outbound Marketing, on the other hand, begins with the active capture of leads, known as active prospecting, using digital tools and communication channels. In the connection stage, attempts to contact the captured lead begin, making use of cadence flows.

Finally comes the last stage. The team separates the qualified leads from those who are not yet, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to understand their needs, pains and objections in order to work on them over time.

How does the Y-Funnel work after all?

Now that you remember what Inbound and Outbound looks like in practice, it’s time to learn how the Y-Sales Funnel works, which creates bridges between Inbound and Outbound. Is this innovative or not?

Both Inbound and Outbound have different ways of capturing and nurturing their customers, bridges help in integrating these steps according to the maturity level of each lead. There are three essential bridges for generating leads and increasing your revenue: Convert and Connect; Connect and Nurture; Nurture and Qualify.

  • Convert and Connect: This is the case of leads who have been attracted to rich material and have a good qualification level, however, have not shown interest in the new content sent. The time has come to transfer it from inbound to outbound, this way the sales team can get in touch.
  • Connect and Nurture: In case the connected leads have no knowledge of the solution or are not yet financially prepared, this is the moment to transfer them to Inbound, this team will be responsible for nurturing them with relevant information for their evolution in the purchase journey.
  • Nurture and Qualify: This is the bridge for leads that are nurtured and have gone through the entire journey, but have not requested a quote. It is now time to get in touch to find out if there is interest in closing the purchase.

Understand why this methodology exists

One of the biggest problems companies face is the lack of alignment between Marketing and Sales teams. The Y-Sales funnel has arrived to be the solution to this situation, so the teams can work from shared strategies, balancing efforts and meeting the market’s needs.


The Y-Sales Funnel is an ideal methodology to achieve clear communication and assertive strategies in all scenarios. We are experiencing a difficult situation for the market, however, by making use of the Y-Funnel it is possible to follow through with sales efficiently. Although it may seem complicated, understanding how the funnel works is quite simple, and when put into practice, its results are undeniable.


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