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Tips for prospecting opportunities that make sense for your company.

Customer prospecting is essential for any company. After all, it is considered the first stage of the sales process, it is through this process that the new leads will be analyzed, then the attempt is made to connect with them, with the objective of qualifying them and, at the end, if everything goes well, selling the company’s service or product.

In this article, we will give tips and explain the ways of prospecting, so you will have a basic idea of the main techniques of this process and what would be ideal for your business:

  • How to prospect for clients?
  • Ways to prospect for clients.
  • Tips to help you prospect for customers.

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Customer prospecting is not about taking random leads and contacting them without first having a plan to try to sell. This is a way that is totally wrong, with this in mind, before you make that first contact, follow a few steps:


As said before, prospecting for clients must be done with planning in order to give the expected results.

But before that, it is important to know that there is not just one way to prospect for clients. To do this, you can choose, among several strategies, the one that makes most sense for your company.

Check out the most popular ways of prospecting for customers below:


This is the most traditional model and consists of actively prospecting customers. In general, in outbound, the lead is not expecting your contact and probably does not know your company yet.

Usually, this technique is indicated for businesses with a higher average ticket. The cost of prospecting increases because of the effort of the salesperson in the process, so there needs to be a higher return in sales to compensate.

The advantage is that it is an active process, that is: you can reach leads that would not reach you otherwise. The disadvantage is that prospecting is less scalable, since the amount of leads depends on productivity and the size of the sales team dedicated to the task.

The most common Outbound actions are:

  • Active prospecting via telemarketing;
  • Sponsorship and active prospection in events;
  • Active prospecting in person at companies;
  • TV and radio advertisements, billboards, and ads in general.

Instead of actively prospecting for customers, Inbound produces offers that attract prospects. The idea is to capture a demand that already exists in the market and just needs to be targeted.

Leads sign up on Landing Pages, either to request a contact, consume an educational material, or even access information. Then they go through a process of nurturing and education about the company and the offering.

Once this is done, the marketing team selects those with the most adequate profile and passes them on to the commercial approach.

Compared to outbound, inbound requires less investment, because much of the process can be automated via software.

An offer that attracts your potential customer can also be promoted in various places, such as through:

  • Blog content;
  • Content production;
  • Promotion of Landing Pages focused on lead generation;
  • Email Marketing.

If you have any doubts about what Inbound Marketing really is, click here and check out our article.


In the channel model, who does the prospecting, and even the selling, is a partner of your company. The main advantage of channel prospecting is the reduction of the acquisition cost, since it is passed on to the partner.

In practice, you need to test and evaluate the impacts of a channel strategy for your business.


Another way to prospect is by referring customers who already benefit from your product or service. This strategy is not predictable, but there are companies that still grow a lot based on referrals, for example Netflix.

To have good referrals you need satisfied customers, but this can have the opposite effect, a company that is not delivering what it promises, besides not having referrals, will have people bad-mouthing your product/service.

It is also not enough to just wait for referrals to come out of nowhere, the most common actions to foster referrals are:

  • Discounts on the product or service;
  • Exclusive content or courses;
  • Participation in events;
  • Gifts and free samples of new products or services.

In practice, any company can use this strategy. Especially companies that are at a more mature stage and have an active customer base.


Many companies opt for several customer acquisition and prospecting strategies at the same time. But this model depends on many factors, the main ones being:

  • Profile of your client;
  • Purchase Journey;
  • Average Ticket Price


Check out the following tips for prospecting new customers and increasing your sales:

Study your products and services: without full knowledge of the benefits of your service/product it will be impossible to build a good sales pitch.

Study the market: also get to know your competitors and how your company differentiates itself in the market.

Profile the ideal customer: Define the size, line of business, revenues, and other characteristics of your ideal customer.

Find the clients that fit the profile: search in various media for customers that fit the profile.

Have goals: plan and set goals on how to prospect new customers and get results. Define how many customers you are going to contact per day and what your goal is to win new customers to work towards a goal.

Which of the above strategies and tips do you think would be most useful for your company? Remember: a good prospecting tool is capable of changing your operation and generating more results for your company.

If you have any questions about it and want to learn more about it, or even want to implement something that was mentioned during the text, contact one of our consultants, we will help you in this process.


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