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The secrets behind the sales machine.

Scaling a company requires a joint effort from the entrepreneur and his employees, if you believe that your business needs to take a step further, you have to know the secrets behind the Sales Machine.

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In this article, we will talk about:

  • The planning of your sales machine;
  • The importance of developing a scalable process;
  • Client: put him at the center of your strategy;
  • The steps to implement the sales machine in your business.

Plan your sales machine

Developing a Sales Machine is directly connected with the pursuit of your company’s constant growth. This happens when there is a continuous exploitation of qualified leads, or those with great potential to make a purchase.

One of the main points is a well-defined plan, aligning objectives and operational practices that will be developed on a daily basis. Without this planning, you will hardly achieve the desired results.

What should this planning contain?

This planning requires time to think about what should be the best strategy to overcome obstacles, analyze the latest changes in the industry, observe how the competition is performing, and check for new trends in technologies that can be a great support for your business.

After this, start your planning with detailed actions to avoid doubts, draw up a timeline that will serve as a guide, and define how the monitoring will be, to make sure that the planning is being executed correctly.

Importance of developing a scalable process

Facing an increasingly competitive market, many companies are looking for competitive differentials, and this is intensified by the digital transformation. It is not enough to reach a certain level of efficiency, one must seek continuous improvement.

By developing scalable processes, your company will adapt to the new demands of the market. Since clients change their behaviors, by identifying this in time, it is possible to turn this opportunity into sales. So start developing strategies to make your company more flexible and can easily adapt to changes.

Client: place him at the center of your strategy

One of the main mistakes of an entrepreneur is to forget about the client when elaborating a strategy. This causes more mistakes to occur and your strategy to be out of step with the reality of the market.

You need to seek data with your clients, offer personalized service, facilitate purchase information, and follow up after-sales by creating connections with your clients.

When devising a strategy, put your client at the center and adopt technology tools that capture data that relates to the consumer, assisting in decision making and increasing sales conversions.

Steps to implement the sales machine in your business

  1. Define a growth strategy

Make an analysis of the opportunities that exist in the market to increase your sales. By having an answer to this analysis and other questions that will arise, you will be able to outline a growth strategy and achieve your goals.

  1. Define your acquisition channels

Know how you will reach your client, that is, the acquisition channels that will be explored by you. To master a sales machine, you will need to master traction, consequently your company will take off. Some of the methodologies to build traction are: Blogs, Social Media, Offline Ads, and Content Marketing. By reading Gabriel Weinberg’s book Traction you will be able to learn about and master other channels.

  1. Structure your sales processes

This may not be a big secret, after all, it is necessary to reduce variables to gain efficiency. This sales process can be divided into two processes for better structuring: the Prospect Generation Process, and the Sales Process itself.

  1. To scale, deploy new technologies.

It’s time to put all the tools together to make sure your team scales more. Now you need to make the cadence flow parameters, do the integration of prospecting and CRM tools, as well as other tools that assist the commercial proposal and follow up with your clients.


Behind a sales machine there is excellent planning, a continuous effort from the whole team, as well as tools and practices that help to acquire relevant information and develop strategies. By organizing your processes and taking the necessary actions, it is possible to leverage the growth of your company.

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