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Predictability in the Sales Funnel

You know that constant flow of opportunities, the countless e-mails and calls that keep coming, and the results that are generated in a standard way? That’s it! We are facing a scenario desired by countless companies: the much dreamed predictability in sales.

Because nowadays it is a big challenge to remain competitive in the market without an assertive sales forecast.

This is exactly the topic we need to talk about!

In this article you will read about:

  • What predictability in sales really is.
  • Why is predictability in sales so important?
  • What are the main difficulties encountered by the companies.
  • Is it possible to make sales predictable in the short term?
  • How does Inside Sales bring more predictability?

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What predictability in sales really is.

Before taking our first steps deeper into this subject, we need to understand that sales predictability is nothing more than the forecast made by the commercial team of how much it will be possible to sell in a given period.

Of Course! This is not done by deduction, but through research, data analysis, and other means that will lead the company to make more assertive decisions.

This predictability is essential for:

  • the manager who wants to predict how many deals can be closed in a given time.
  • for the company’s directors, who will have at hand the important data to invest in a precise way.

Why is predictability in sales so important?

Predictability in the sales funnel brings real dimension and strategic insight into a company’s business situation. It helps on many fronts, as we have already mentioned, but besides the search for investments or accurate forecasts, there are other reasons that make predictability so fundamental.

It will be possible to measure the growth of the area, after all, if it is possible to predict the number of sales in a month and determine an average for each professional, it will also be possible to find out the number of salespeople needed to reach the goal.

Is your company prepared to set realistic goals?

While you are reflecting on this question, it is important to point out that even though it is challenging, the team will be motivated to achieve the goal and this already leads us to another important point, communication.

Yes, one of the great benefits is the improvement of communication with the team and even with future partners, since the latter, by visualizing the predictability of the results, can see what can be achieved in a clear and objective way.

However, life is not all flowers, and many companies still face many challenges.

What are the main difficulties encountered by the companies

Although in a meeting one of the main focuses is the result, it is important to understand that many companies still do not have in their organizational culture the analysis of metrics and the management of indicators being carried out continuously.

Sales are the result of a process, and this whole part of analyzing the indicators is essential to ensure predictability in sales. Each stage needs to be observed and measured with a clinical eye, and understanding the path of each opportunity has become essential for the closing moment.

Not following key indicators can negatively impact predictability, decreasing the chances of an assertive decision or closing a good deal.

According to Thiago Pirinelli, founder of Sales Funnel, selling is a science that puts the human being at its center, both the seller and the buyer. And as a science, sales needs to have its eye on data.

If even here it’s not so clear yet…

Let me show you another way. I am sure that at least once in your life you must have heard about Formula 1 or watched a race. One of several essential points is to develop the tire strategy that will be used on the track, being a decisive factor for victory.

To ensure the best strategy and thus win the race, it is essential that engineers analyze data, conduct tests, check car and driver performance, weather and track conditions, and many other statistics and information.

This will help predict how many laps each tire can run, the best time for the driver to change, and whether overtaking is feasible in certain situations.

It’s no different in sales!

Is it possible to make sales predictable in the short term?

Having better understood its importance and the reason for the challenges faced by companies, it is now time to understand how your company can ensure a predictable sales machine.

Putting the predictability plan in place will depend on the points below:

Indicator tracking: yes, again I need to hit this point. A good follow-up will provide you with valuable information that can define the sales result. It is from this that you will be able to visualize the best paths, find patterns that can be replicated, as well as which actions generate stable indexes.

Realistic Goals: Avoid unattainable goals, they need to be based on your team’s skills, analyzing strengths and areas for improvement, this is fundamental in complex B2B sales. In addition, you will ensure the motivation and engagement of your team.

Organized sales funnel: may seem like a small thing, but the truth is that the more the sales cycle is adjusted to the current moment, it can help you avoid the damage of losing a lead at the end of the funnel. Remember that your funnel needs to be flexible and follow criteria.

Automation tools: this is a facility that needs to be part of your sales team’s routine, there are many steps in the process that can be automated and assist in an efficient and lasting way.

In this way, your company will be able to achieve predictability in a short period of time and ensure the desired results.


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