June 2020
Development / Marketing
Centro de Treinamento MA’S

More than a client, a great partner!

MA’s has been a reference company in Health, Emergency, and Work Safety for more than 22 years. Its Training Center offers the best and largest infrastructure in southern Brazil, sharing knowledge and adding value to hundreds of companies and thousands of people. They started at OPTMY with the challenge of leveraging the distance learning courses, seeking the authority that he did not yet have in the virtual environment, since they were just starting out in the area because of the pandemic. With this in mind, we designed the entire Customer Journey and started our actions following each stage of the Inbound Marketing Funnel. Without expressing they expectations initially, they only left the following words, “I will say that only after the work starts and progresses can we answer.”

The next actions demonstrate our achievements...


They entrusted in our hands not only the distance learning courses, but also the other course modalities. We are taking care of all your Marketing strategy and helping to close the training classes, together with the Commercial Team.

PROSPECTE: They also started to acquire our solution for qualified opportunity generation.

WEB DEVELOPMENT: We are responsible for creating the new site, adapted to the new reality of our client.

CHATBOT: one of our first customers to embark on this project in partnership with Zenvia.

Besides acquiring several solutions during more than a year of projects together, it also opened doors indicating our company to other clients.


  • About 5 thousand people were positively impacted by the brand, in a year of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.
  • By integrating Chatbot, it was not only able to optimize its operation based on data, but also improved service.

Besides acquiring several solutions during this time together, it also opened doors by referring our company to other clients.

We currently operate 50% of MA’S sales force, doing the attraction, prospecting, and qualification of leads.