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    Performance Marketing is the solution to attract more customers!

    Count on an advisory service focused on Attracting, Converting, Relating, Selling, and Delighting customers.

    Developing a clear buying journey for both user and company, measuring each stage of the sales funnel.

    Through a mix of actions, we develop fast lead capture, and create a medium and long term structure to decrease the cost of customer acquisition.

    It also allows you to segment campaigns and measure your company’s performance accurately.

    The intention is that, based on the data, we can continuously optimize the performance of your content and campaigns to get the maximum return on the amount invested, and also, more interested leads.

    Approved by our clients

    Understand the stages of the
    Sales Funnel!

    Develop strategies and actions to increase audience and audience engagement with the company, attracting visitors interested in the solution. For this we will do:

    • SEO
    • Content Production
    • Social Media
    • Paid Media

    A list of leads engaged with your company's content is critical to educating, qualifying, and selling. For this it is fundamental that we develop:

    • Conversion Funnels
    • Digital Bait
    • Landing Pages
    • Call to Action
    • CRO - Conversion Optimization
    • Work Plan
    • Metrics

    • Nutrition Strategy
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Defining lead score and lead tracking
    • Metrics

    • Automation Process
    • Commercial Bridges

    Selling is our main goal, so we will develop:

    • Sales Automation
    • Campaigns

    Selling to the customer base is cheaper than getting new ones. Post-sales actions are important to increase profitability and dilute the cost per customer acquisition. For this we will do:

    • Post-purchase automation
    • Relationship with the base
    • Exclusive content for the base
    • Identification of New Opportunities

    Analyzing is key to making assertive decisions, so let's keep a close eye on each stage of your sales funnel. Monthly we will:

    • Analysis of attraction channels
    • Conversion Analysis
    • Sales Analysis
    • Sales funnel overview report

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    Check out the process below:


    The beginning of this stage occurs before the company becomes our client. Our team makes an analysis of the current situation of the potential client, seeking opportunities and complete solutions to leverage the results of the client's company.


    After the diagnosis and contracting, the process of information gathering and validation begins, with the elaboration of customized strategies, performance indicators for each stage, and the advertising platforms that will be used.


    The time has come to execute, and planning is done continuously and in quarterly cycles, for a better performance analysis. It starts with testing and validation, moving on to the current performance of the strategy and generating the best possible ROI.


    To deliver the best results for our clients, we count on the participation of our partners in the strategies. We are in a strategic position within the market and have partnerships with companies such as Facebook, RD Station, and Google.

    Análise de Dados
    Data Analysis

    We elaborate the best strategies according to our clients' needs, making decisions based on the analyzed data.


    To help our clients and assist in resolving pertinent issues, we offer consulting services in Inbound, Outbound, and Y-Funnel.

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