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    What is the Omnichannel?

    Omnichannel is a multi-channel sales strategy that aims to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether buying online, by phone, in the physical store, or by any other means used by the company.

    The differential of this service lies in the depth of integration between the multiple channels, which makes your brand create a good relationship with the consumer.

    With Omnichannel your company will

    become even stronger

    in the market, and also improve your customer's experience!

    Check out some advantages:

    Want to know how Omnichannel works in practice?

    See the process below:

    Diagnóstico (6)

    The beginning of this stage occurs before the company becomes our client. Our team conducts an analysis of the potential client's current situation, seeking as much information as possible about the market, the audience, and the solutions offered.

    Onboarding (4)

    After diagnosis and contracting, the process of information gathering and validation begins, as well as the choice of channels that make the most sense for your Omnichannel strategy.


    In this step, we configure your sectors, agents, tags, pre-defined messages and channels, and the pre-chat that is the previous service before the transfer to the attendant. We define criteria for the closure of the service and the transition from one attendant to another, always with your customer's experience in mind.

    Treinamento de Colaboradores
    Treinamento de Colaboradores

    The omnichannel service is only efficient when the agents involved are able to make good use of the platform, perform a good service, and manage to solve the customer's problem. That is why training is fundamental for the project to be successful.

    Gestão e Monitoramento
    Gestão e Monitoramento

    For the success of the Omnichannel strategy, the operations are fully monitored through metrics and reports, to ensure the desired result.

    Selling on multiple channels is the key to your business success!

    With Omnichannel you can be present in the formats:

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