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    What is an Info-Product?

    An Info-product is valuable content in digital format that aims to educate about a specific topic, assist in solving a problem, or make it easier to perform some task.

    There are different ways to deliver info-products, such as:

    Want to know how the Info-product works?

    Check out what the process of creating an Info-product looks like:


    The beginning of this stage occurs before the company is our client. Our team makes an analysis of the potential customer's current situation, searching for opportunities and complete solutions to launch your product in the market.

    Onboarding (3)

    After the diagnostic and contracting, the information gathering and validation process begins, with the elaboration of customized strategies, performance indicators for each stage, and the channels that will be used to launch your product in the market.

    Ongoing (1)

    Time for action! We will plan in quarterly cycles, for better performance analysis. Starting with testing and validation, moving to the actual performance of the strategy and getting positive ROI.

    parceria (1)

    To deliver the best results for our clients, we count on the participation of our partners in the strategies. We are in a strategic position within the market and have partnerships with companies such as Facebook, RD Station, and Google.

    Análise de Dados (1)
    Data Analysis

    We elaborate the best strategies according to our clients' needs, making decisions based on the analyzed data.

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