Influence Marketing

Reach your target audience
quickly and organically!

With the help of Influence Marketing, your company can win over this audience and gain online credibility, as well as several other advantages.

    What is the Influence Marketing ?

    This is the most organic way to communicate with your target audience, after all, it will be done by people who exert influence and leadership in the virtual environment, and who are recognized by the people.

    This way your company will be able to create connections and your product or service will be able to gain the space and visibility it needs!

    With Influence Marketing your company will beat the market competition, conquer the much-demanded consumer's attention and have increasing results!!

    Check out some advantages:

    Want to understand how Influence Marketing works?

    Check out the process below:


    The beginning of this stage occurs before the company becomes our client. Our team makes an analysis of the current situation of the potential client, seeking opportunities and complete solutions for our customers.


    After the diagnosis and hiring, the process of selecting Influencers begins, the negotiation stage, and the elaboration of the briefing for building the best strategy.

    Monitoring of Actions

    The time to act has come, at this stage we build a plan based on the research conducted, define the actions that will be implemented, and start the execution.

    Monitoramento de Resultados
    Results Monitoring

    To get the most out of it and be assertive in the results, we continuously monitor the metrics and actions that are being taken.

    Why invest in Influence Marketing?

    Using this marketing in your digital strategy is to convey, through someone known and loved by the public, information that influences the buying journey ofthousands of people..

    Investing in this type of strategy only generates positive results, check out some of the benefits:


    Real and fast results


    Reach the right audience

    Improves brand image

    Contributes to the purchase journey

    How can OPTMY help you?

    Influencer marketing can bring a good return on investment and brand prominence without requiring large investments.

    The key is to create a strategy that works and put it into execution we are here to make it happen!

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    develop the best for your business.

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