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    What is the Customer Journey?

    It is the path taken by the consumer during his entire relationship with a company, from the first contact to the purchase, and also in the post-sale period.

    In practice, a narrative is created with the objective of understanding the doubts, pains, and needs of the customers in each phase of this journey.

    What are the benefits of

    knowing the customer buying journey?

    Want to know how Customer Journey works in practice?

    Check out our process:

    Entendimento da Jornada do Cliente
    Understanding the Customer Journey

    In this first moment, our main goal is to collect as much information as possible about the customer's current journey, experiencing each step of the process.

    Análise da plataforma
    Platform Analysis

    After that, we perform an in-depth analysis of the platform, following the discussed journey, raising needs and improvements, as well as using the technique of active listening with customers.


    Here we come to the proposal stage where we gather all the notes and put together a presentation proposing improvements and adding points that make sense for the journey.


    Após aprovação da proposta, realizamos o levantamento do que será necessário e iniciamos o desenvolvimento da jornada.

    TheCustomer Journeyis done in four steps, and you get to know what they are:

    Did you know that mapping the customer buying journey makes all the difference in your processes?

    By doing this you will have a better understanding of what your client wants and what they expect from your company.

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