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Chatbot: What is it and what is it for?

Attracting new contacts with more interactive tools, can be decisive for maintaining a continuous contact with your future customer, throughout his buying process. The chatbot is one of the new digital trends, which has been showing a great performance when it comes to attracting and qualifying contacts.

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In this article we will talk about:

  • What are Chatbots?
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Chatbot.
  • New opportunities through Chatbot.
  • Chatbot and the sales funnel.
  • How to apply it to your strategy.

What are chatbots?

This technology was first mentioned in the 1940s in Isaac Asimov’s book “I, Robot,” depicting a narrative involving intelligent robots that can talk and think. For many writers, scientists, filmmakers, and lovers of robotic creatures, this book represents a milestone as far as mechanical creatures are concerned.

It is not BB-8, the little robot from the Star Wars saga, but it can be your greatest ally when it comes to increasing sales.

A chatbot can be defined as a software that works through messaging applications, with the goal of facilitating communication between customers and the services/products offered by companies.

This tool is an AI (artificial intelligence) programmed for collaborative communication with your customer. In other words, it seeks to map the possible interactions of the user, creating triggers that can generate a larger dialog, leading to an action predetermined by the bot, an application of rules that work from a given interaction.

Artificial Intelligence in the chatbot

Now, before we tell you what’s new in this growing area in the world of sales, let’s take a look at the matrix of the chatbot, AI or artificial intelligence:

Since the last century, the topic has been taking up more and more space. The cinema has brought with it several versions of robots that help in various activities, are best friends, or even annihilate us. Films such as Metropolis from 1927, A.I Artificial Intelligence from 2001, and one of the most recent Ex-Machina (2015) depict various scenarios that are already possible to be seen in our daily lives.

After the Second World War, a process of study began in various areas seeking to evolve the idea of a robot, or technology, that would become part of our routine. Warren Mcculloch and Walter Pitts presented the first paper that talked about neural networks (Um cálculo lógico das ideias imanentes na actividade nervosa), in 1943. Since then we have not stopped delving into the subject.

We are talking about machines that can perform various kinds of activities and relationships with humans, intelligent robots that can develop over time and learn from programmed human interactions.

For the Chatbot to work, it is necessary to program the actions that will generate a future reaction in the dialog between machine and human. This programming is what drives the entire robot structure.

New opportunities through chatbot

People spend most of their time in front of screens, and this behavior is likely to increase by 2020. Many companies are looking for new ways to secure their space on their customers’ smartphones and tablets, because consumers keep changing and the future is becoming more fragmented every day. The use of bots is a practical and assertive way to be side by side with your clients.

What makes this technology more attractive, no doubt, is the tool’s integration capacity with other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram, making it easier for the user to use it, without the need to download new applications to interact with your bot. Another interesting point is that we are talking about platforms with millions of hits.

An important step, before using the bot in your company, is to seek to understand the user experience and the path they take when shopping. Before thinking about technology, it is interesting to reason according to the user experience.

Imagine how to integrate your facebook campaign, with a bot and the messenger, without having to develop an application. That would be sensational, wouldn’t it?

Chatbot and the sales funnel

You have read or seen something about the sales funnel, haven’t you?

A widely used strategy in attracting customers through not only digital channels, but also offline media.

The sales funnel structure is based on attraction, conversion, and sales. Each stage works together to lead the customer to the act of buying, where it is possible to attract customers through paid campaigns, convert them through rich content, and direct them to the sales team.

Many companies, however,have been experiencing difficulties in the conversion and sales process, since many times the visitor or lead is not qualified for the purchase act, for the simple fact of not identifying with the solution.

Several companies in the market today are looking to change this with the help of the Chatbot. The tool can go through all these steps assisting in the attraction and qualification process, which helps the conversation and leads to more heated contact. A very interesting case, here in Brazil, is Casas Bahia’s Black Friday campaign. Through the tool, the engagement of 50 thousand users, in only 3 days, became a worldwide case for Facebook.

How to apply in your strategy

We have already seen the full potential of the chatbot tool. However, how to apply them in our day to day life?

The question can be a bit complex, since we are talking about programming language applications and this demands time and a lot of resources. However, there are ways to work a bot integrated into your sales channels at low cost and link them to your Facebook campaigns.

In 2015, the Manychat tool, integrated with Messenger, was released to the market. Through it, it is possible to communicate with the customer using the bot and qualify him better, by creating campaigns in facebook, from the user’s interaction with your campaign, being able to talk to your probable client, bringing content, information, and descriptions needed to lead him to make the purchase.


We have already noticed that talking to robots is no longer a distant reality, and that today, technology is part of our daily lives as consumers, and we, as managers, must know how to apply it to our business in an efficient way to attract good results.

Applying tools like chatbot in your company will help decrease your CAC, better qualify your lead, and enhance your campaigns and the way you interact with your customer.

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